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McNalley Office Service, Inc.
Our Products and Services

Office Furniture Products

As a Global Furniture Group dealer, we can assist in finding the right office furniture for you. The Global brand offers many options for cubicles, desks, file cabinets and seating. This particular brand of funiture also provides industry specific furniture including industrial and hospital settings. To see what Global offers, visit globalfurnituregroup.com. Call us for special pricing on Global brand products. 

Upholstery Fabrics

We offer a large array of fabrics for upholstery of seating and panels. Different textures, colors and material components are available for all types of upholstery work.  To view seating fabrics, visit Luxury Fabrics at luxuryfabrics.com. To view panel fabrics visit Burch Fabrics at burchfabrics.com.

Furniture and Flooring Solutions

Flexi-Felt ® is a great solution for noise control and making your flooring last longer. The Flexi-Felt ® product is applied to any chair caster, chair foot or table foot. When the chair or table leg is moved, it can reduce furniture noise by 90%. This product also protects flooring from any scratches or damage left by sliding furniture. It also protects the furniture legs from any scratches or dings. Visit flexifelt.com to view Flexi-Felt ® products. We are the only dealer in the Saginaw area, so call today to learn more about this product.
  1. Commercial Keys and Locks
    There are many different brands of commercial keys and locks for file cabinets, overhead compartments and desks. We can provide any brand that is needed for your particular office.
  2. Product Installation
    Our team installs new or used panel systems, file cabinets, work surfaces, desk units, window blinds, office signs and commercial carpet.
  3. Upholstery Services
    We can apply new fabric to tack boards, overhead cabinets, chairs or panels.
  4. Moving Services
    Our team can assist in moving office locations. We are skilled at moving any brand of office furniture and reassembling. At our facility, we have a large warehouse that can be used for short-term or long-term storage.
  5. Ergonomic Furniture
    Ergonomic office accessories can help workers with repetitious work. We have solutions for adding ergonomic accessories to your work area to help you feel comfortable and eliminate any work related injuries.
  6. Custom Window Blinds
    We have available many options for window blinds. The types of blinds available are solar shades, roller shades, vertical blinds and horizontal blinds. The materials of the blinds include metal, plastic, mesh and wood.
  7. Custom Products and Repair Work
    We can provide custom laminated tops for new surfaces as well as build custom office furniture. We can fix and repair office chairs with mechanical issues or fabric wear and tear. Office furniture lock repair services are also available.
  8. Office Signs
    We can make custom vinyl office signs for uses such as name plates, restrooms, parking lots, or labeling.